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Betrayals review

Betrayals - Steve Bowers

     Betrayals is a wonderful novel based in the universe of the Orion's Arm worldbuilding project, which you can be introduced to here: http://orionsarm.com/. This continuity is a possible future history of Humanity projected out over 10,000 years from the present era, in a "Terragen" civilization spanning thousands of light-years of our galaxy, mostly connected through a vast network of traversible wormholes. At the top of the pyramid are the AI Gods, or "Archailects", which have undergone sometimes multiple levels of Singularity, ascending and transcending far beyond what baseline and near-baseline humans could ever understand. The most powerful empires, the Sephirotics, each embody some archetype familiar to most of us, often religious or environmentalist in nature. This largely governs how you can expect the inhabitants of each different empire to behave when you meet them, and what forms of government you will encounter.

     The story revolves around an attempt on the life of a Second-Singularity provolved dolphin, the Blessed Chwrrii Nashira, as she is leading a group of people in a mass ascension event. The weapon is a godtech booby trap, cleverly infected within the moving tattoos of one of the attendees. Afterwards, two transapient entitles investigate the incident by going back into events in the life of the attendee, which has been thoroughly recorded and backed up for hundreds of years. It becomes both a satisfying detective story and a very well done total immersion into the Orion's Arm universe. Highly recommended. You can purchase Betrayals by following this link: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/142396