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The Quiet American review

The Quiet American - Graham Greene, Robert Stone

I like complicated moral conundrums like the one in this book so I'll be reading the other Greene novels I have here at home. He apparently didn't think much of his own style but I'll have to respectfully disagree since I think his prose is just perfect for the kind of stories he tells. He reminds me of Thomas Harris in that he is both economical and fully descriptive at the same time. No wasted words, but they are all the right words. The story is told in mostly flashbacks and I've heard that is a bad way to do it but you wouldn't think so to read this. I also like the quiet way he indicts the United States and it's "will to power, cloaked in idealism", as the story is set in Vietnam just as we are preparing to take over from the French as the occupying colonial power. This would be a great intro to Graham Greene for any curious reader.