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Crowley's Apprentice review

Crowley's Apprentice: The Life and Ideas of Israel Regardie (American) - Gerald Suster

Israel Regardie was an occultist and chiripractor who died in the 1980s, and who was Aleister Crowley's secretary, typing up several of Crowley's books. He was also a disciple of Crowley until a rather public falling-out in the 30s, and was also a member of the Golden Dawn organazation in it's waning years in England. Regardie took it upon himself to publish the secret teachings of the order, in a form still available today, when he felt that it's leadership had become detrimental to the teachings' future. These and many other of his experiences can be read about here. Regardie also was a proponent of Reichean psychoanalysis, and claimed that the "orgone" that Reich believed in and the force behind "magick" were the same thing. He was a lay psychoanalyst and treated many neurotics in his practice and so felt he could speak as an authority on the subject. I think this is a great account of a little-known but important life from the mid-twewntieth century.